"What I conceive may be complicated, maybe simple or most of the time meaningless; an utopia that moves away for the moment from the exit path, but at the same time it comes closer to it. The coexistence of the pieces does not aim to solve the question but rather is an expression fortifying it. Its number is proportional to the complexes, lies and weaknesses it symbolizes.”
Emre Ezelli | Paper Works
Gazete, dergi ve fanzin okumayı özellikle resimlerine bakmayı severim. Yıllardır kesip biriktirdiğim fotoğrafları birbirleri ile farklı kompozisyonlarda birleştirerek hayalimdeki dünyanın karakterlerini resmetmeye çalıştım. Bunu yaparken de ağırlıkla kağıt malzeme kullanarak, kolaj tekniği (kes-yapıştır) ile resimledim. I like to read newspapers, magazines and fanzones and especially look at their pictures. I have tried to portray the characters of the dream world by combining the photographs I have saved for years with different compositions. And i created paper with cut-out technics.
emreezelli, paperworks, collage, cutout, art, illustration, drawing, draw, picture, artist, sketch, sketchbook, paper, artsy, gallery, creative, artoftheday
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