"What I conceive may be complicated, maybe simple or most of the time meaningless; an utopia that moves away for the moment from the exit path, but at the same time it comes closer to it. The coexistence of the pieces does not aim to solve the question but rather is an expression fortifying it. Its number is proportional to the complexes, lies and weaknesses it symbolizes.”
Emre Ezelli | Sculpture
Yapbozun parçaları bir araya geldikçe, soru işaretleri de çoğalmaya başladı. Zaten nerede çoğaldıysak, orada kaybettik. Zaaflar, yalanlar, kompleksler, günlük rutinlerimizin birer parçası oldu. Çoğu zaman kendine yalan söylemek gibi. As the jigsaw pieces came together, the question marks began to multiply. And wherever we have multiplied, we lost it. Weaknesses, lies, complexes have become part of our daily routines. It’s like lying to yourself most of the time.
emreezelli, sculpture, art, picture, artist, Traditional Turkish Art, artsy, gallery, art, artoftheday, design, sculptor, statue
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